Milk Munny, Acrylic Squid, and World Domination

So much has happened in the last 2 weeks! first thing’s first, the Milk Munny show was pure KILL. HUGE turnout, lots of pieces moved, and most importantly everyone had a blast. there were SO many good pieces there. i took quite a few pictures, i’ll have to update this and share them later. I had the honor of having two pieces in the show. Jipsie sold within the first hour or so, and we raffled off Nurvice. I was quite pleased to see the pieces go to new loving homes. Big shout out to everyone who came by and showed support, and all my homies who were there enjoying the good vibes with me.
I was also asked to be part of the Acrylic Squid crew along with some of my boys who are also huge inspirations to me: Leathers2K, and Nerviswr3k. This collective is gonna do big things and i’m happy to be among such talented and respectable artists. Watch for big things! and with that i’m off to slave for the man a bit more…..come on weekend….


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