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Braisen 2.0 custom Mad*l

two posts in one day?!?! yep it’s true, i’m actually doing something productive while at work….haha.

Here we have Braisen v2.0….the first was a dunny that i created for the message board dunny trade. had a great response (minus asshat haters) so i was really happy with the piece. i usually don’t replicate any of my designs, i like to keep each commissioned piece unique to that particular collector….it’s special that way right? well i was approached about making a Mad*l in the “soft people” theme i have been doing. He wanted Braisen, which at first kinda threw me….but i hate saying no. I decided that the two platforms (dunnys and Mad*l) are SO different that i could tackle the challenge without compromising my standards.

Enough talk….here’s the Mad*l

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Milk Munny Pieces

these two pieces are for the big Milk Munny art show here in Phoenix on October 1st thru October 3rd….it’s gonna be amazing! like i said, these two are my contributions. The purple munny is titled “Nurvice” and the grey munny is titled “Jipsie”

i really hope you enjoy them!

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