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Platypus and “Greed and Solace”

Finished these two up in the last couple of weeks. Been SUPER busy so once again this blog has been neglected. On to the fruits of my labor.

First up is the Platypus. A fellow toy lover contacted me and asked if i could put my spin on the goofy platypus. i delightfully accepted.  The second piece is titled “Greed and Solace.”  He comes with two pairs of arms…the standard dunny arms and of course the tentacles.  He is on display/for sale at Red Hot Robot in Phoenix (  Click thru the pictures and take a look, let me know what you think if you feel so inclined. Stay tuned!

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Comission List Open!

That’s right, finishing up a piece then my list is wide open. Get at me for your own Chrisosaur piece.