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A Couple More WIP’s

Here’s what is currently on my table. working on an 8″ Dunny, 3″ Dunny, and still finishing the Mini Munny Fairy. Enjoy the WIP’s!



I just LOVE it when I neglect my blog for days on end. Last thing I posted was some WIP shots of a Mini Munny fairy and a Teddy Troop. I have since finished the Teddy Troop as well as one other piece. Check them out!

WIP shots – munny fairy and teddy troop

Here are two pieces I’m currently working in for customers. These are rough iPhone work in progress shots, still much left to be done.

Malign and Lament

finished up these guys a few days ago, sorry i haven’t updated this in a while….life’s been hectic. these are 2 dunnys from my super sale. i have one munny to finish and the project is a wrap. here’s Malign and Lament.