Super Dooper Birthday Sale!

I’m gonna do 5 customs for super cheap. Prices depend on the platform, I’ll list them at the bottom of this post.

I have one requirement:

to avoid cut-and-runs and buyer’s remorse I do require payment before I begin

FIRST FIVE TO REPLY HERE GET IN. If someone doesn’t follow thru I’ll open the spot up again.

DEADLINE IS 12 noon MST 5/15/2010 *subject to change

3″ dunny – $20
mini munny – $30
Totem doppelganger – $15
Mini labbit – $12
Qee – $15
Mighty mugg – $30
Anything bigger – email me and we can negotiate

Hope to get a turn out!

LIST IS FULL! thanks for the support everyone!



  1. Brandon Said:

    I’ll take a mini munny!

    • chrisosaur Said:

      Sweet man! Email me (in contact section) with what you have in mind and I’ll give you my paypal info.

  2. Turcicus Said:

    I’m totally in for a 3″ Dunny!! Your stuff is great.

    • chrisosaur Said:

      Sweet thanks! Shoot your info and what you would like via email and I’ll send payment info.

  3. Dylan Said:

    I can’t decide between a Totem or a “3 Dunny, But I want one or the other for sure!

    • chrisosaur Said:

      Cool man I’ll put you on the list pending payment. Shoot me an email once you decide and I’ll give you payment info. Thanks for the support!

  4. flipv6 Said:

    Hey Chris,

    Are the fees just for painting?

  5. eugene trantham Said:

    Hey man I would like one but the wife can’t decide on which one. I am letting you know I want one I just don’t know which one yet. She said a small one but I think a medium would be better.

    • eugene trantham Said:

      Oh yea she liked the bunny with the crazy teeth. How about something like that?

      • chrisosaur Said:

        The bunny with bee wings and horns? I’d be happy o make whatever you want. Just shoot me an email and I’ll reply with my payment info. Thanks!

  6. wun chow Said:

    is this offer still available? I’m up for a 3″ dunny

    • chrisosaur Said:

      Yep I slept in too late so I’m extending it until tomorrow. I née payment to put you on the list so email me asap.

  7. Inar Said:

    Hey, sorry it took so long to get back. But your stuff is great and I’d like a mighty mugg from you.

    • chrisosaur Said:

      No problem at all, held your spot. Go ahead and email me and I’ll get you payment info. Thanks for the support!

  8. Dylan Said:

    So I decided on a totem, and the design is up to you. The only thing I would request is no text on it and thats about it!

  9. JayJayFool Said:

    As you know sir i’m down for a 3″er!!! Just gotta wait a hot min. to get the 20 bucks in my paypals!!

    • chrisosaur Said:

      Cool man, that’s the last spot then just make sure you email and send payment asap.

      • JayJayFool Said:

        Just waitting for the money to show up in my paypals brotha!! Also go take a look at your inbox on the message boards!!

        And you know i want and yeti 3″ dunny right?

  10. wun chow Said:

    hey, did I get 1 of the spots? I emailed you but you never responded

    • chrisosaur Said:

      I replied here and also sent a mass email to all who hadn’t paid asking if you were still on board. I recieved replies and payments from them before you. Sorry but the 5 spots were filled. I am still more than happy to accommodate a custom into my list, just cannot honor that dirt cheap price. Email me if you are still interested. Thanks!

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