Contest #2!!!

Not a lot of participants for the first contest so I’m making this one REALLY easy.  

Prize: Custom Mini fig of your choice.  Choose between: Dunny, Totem Doppelganger, or Qee.

Rules:  Easy, just tell us what your favorite production designer toy is and why.

Contest ends Tuesday May 11 at 12PM Noon MST.



  1. Kevin Johnson Said:

    I don’t know the answer to this but I like Mighty Muggs and if nobody else enters maybe I could win.

    Its worth a shot.

  2. Bri Rockel Said:

    Gotta say my favorite production designer toys are Tokidoki’s Adios and Ciao Ciao “Till death do us part” set. They were the first designer toys I came across, and the ones we chose to use as cake toppers on our wedding cake. 🙂

  3. P05TMAN Said:

    Kidrobot Munny. The actual shape is so ordinary and straightforward but the things people have carved, sculpted, and created with them are unlike anything else done with any other vinyl. Plus, its always fun to get a mixed bag of accessories and see what can be done with them.

  4. Brandon Said:

    My favorite production designer toy is Scribe’s Rumps. It’s my favorite because not only is it a beautiful and well executed piece, but I feel a connection to Scribe’s artwork in general. I think there is a lot of spirituality behind his concepts and innocence inherent in his artwork. I feel this is important because we live in a world where our innocence is stripped of us at such a young age. I love the hip hop culture and badass new school graffiti and Scribe builds off this platform with amazing execution.

  5. KaDunny Said:

    Hey Chrisosaur, it’s KaDunny from the KR boards.
    My favorite production designer toy is the Bounty x Hunter 6″ Labbit. I like it because it’s the first vinyl Labbit made, and because I love Kozik and his Labbits. 😀
    Oh, and Qee.

  6. steph shibley Said:

    my favorite is sgt hicks by huck gee. he’s my fav because there is so much attention to detail and even though he’s this big tough rino he’s got this cute little blue bird that seems to help him keep his head straight. to remind him that he isnt a senceless killer. because i have the print and him at my house and i never get sick of going to check him out. cause hes big enough for me to hug and love when my bf is gone.

  7. Shawn Barnes Said:

    (I know I won the first one so I don’t expect to win this but I can still have fun right?)

    I think my favorite piece (production wise) is my Umbrella Academy Figure set. Even if you’re not into the comic it’s amazing. All the characters and very detailed. My favorite part by far is the packaging. Clear dome with an umbrella going through the center and on top to give it a carousel like feel with all the characters circling around.

  8. chrisosaur Said:

    This one’s from Immersion Customs from

    hey man congrats on the 1 year mark!!!!! love your work hope you are nejoying your time!!! this is an entry to your contesst.

    I have had a rough life and got kicked down at every corner. all the way until adulthood. not by bullies but by life. i have tried everything up to this point to change my life course, but before I discovered customizing, I thought i was never going to make it. I have discovered something in me that i never knew existed…..I can’t express in words the joy i get from making customs…. it has changed my life and brought me out from the rock I was dwelling and gave me purpose…..I am nominating hasbos, mighty muggs as the best designer toy out there for the simple fact ti changed my life forever…..

    good luck with all your endeavours and much love man!!!! keep up the good work. I love your originallity and style man!!! I am wiating to do more stuff like that,………

  9. grapetang Said:

    I added a pic to your last contest. 🙂

    I’m not too familiar w/ production designer toys so I’ll have to go with Hasbro’s Mighty Muggs (clean, minimal design w/ lots of customizing potential) and Blizzard’s Noobz (fun take on the StarCraft Marines).

    Congrats again! Keep it up! – grapetang from MMF 🙂

  10. Josh Said:

    The Deph 6″ fatcap has to be my favorite production piece.

    It has a little bit of graffiti history in it, it’s got the mask, case of cans and roller accessories, It’s a different shape, and the purples are near impossible to come by.

    Add that all together and it makes for an impressive little perfect storm of things that make it rare, sexy and funny

  11. flipv6 Said:

    My favorite would have to be David Horvath’s Bossy Bear, that guy is clean looking and the book is a good read too haha.

  12. Ashley Said:

    I’d have to go with ThreeA toys.

    I’m addicted to robots, I can’t help it.

  13. munchkins021 Said:

    Oohh!! That’s a tricky question!! I would go with ThreeA toys also.
    Not only the robots are cool and original, the quality put into them is insane. They have raised the bar so high!!
    Ashley Wood FTW!!

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